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Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, opened in December 2000, is under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. It is a multi-disciplined museum which explores the unique cultures of Hong Kong, with special focuses on local living and creative culture such as design, photography, popular culture, Cantonese opera and intangible cultural heritage. It also showcases and connects the cultures of the world with the peoples of Hong Kong. A lively and diverse range of exhibitions and programmes are organized to engage the visitors in a highly enjoyable and educational experience. The collection of the museum is wide-ranging but can be broadly classified as art, historical and cultural materials by nature. Its art collection consists of three main categories. The first category is Chinese fine arts collection, which includes Chinese antiquities spanning from the Neolithic period to Qing dynasty, as well as a comprehensive collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphy of the Lingnan master Chao Shao-an. The second category is applied art which includes photography and design, and the third is Hong Kong contemporary art which includes prints, ceramics, paintings, sculptures and other media. Apart from the art collections, the Heritage Museum also holds a number of important historical and cultural collections such as Cantonese opera artefacts, Hong Kong toys and comics, memorabilia of local popular artistes, as well as early calendar posters. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum also manages three special branch museums, namely Sam Tung Uk Museum, Sheung Yiu Folk Museum and Hong Kong Railway Museum. The former two museums, which were originally Hakka villages, feature the rural life of the old days. The last one, originally a railway station, tells you the story of Hong Kong’s railway transportation. 


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